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Our History

Creating Adventures for more than 110 years

Scouts Victoria currently has more than 17,500 youth members who actively participate in adventurous activities across Victoria and beyond. Our youth members are supported by our 5,000 adult volunteers who dedicate their time to creating lifelong memories and experiences. 
Our volunteers come from all walks off life and many of them have active careers working with youth in roles such as teachers and teaching assistants.
Our Adventure Centres have grown over the last 40 years and each centre has its own unique history and charm. All visitors to our Scout Adventure Centres can be proud in the knowledge that there contribution helps to support Scouts Victoria to provide our youth programs across Victoria. 

Brownsea Island

In 1907 Major-General Robert Baden-Powell led the first experimental camp with 20 boys on the Dorset coast.

New Beginnings

In 1923 the earliest version of Scouts Victoria was formed under the Victorian Branch of the British Boy Scouts. 

First Formations

In 1908 the first Scout Troops had formed in Victoria.

Future Foundation

In 1958 the Scout Association of Australia was created and we became part of our own national organisation. 
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Who We Are

Our network of leaders supporting our organisation across Victoria

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the worldwide scouting movement, played a crucial role in establishing Scouts Victoria, an integral part of Scouts Australia. Rooted in values of self-reliance, leadership, and outdoor skills, Baden-Powell's vision for scouting reached the Australian state of Victoria. Scouting in Victoria traces its roots to the early 20th century, gaining momentum alongside the global scouting movement. Baden-Powell's book, "Scouting for Boys," catalyzed the formation of scouting groups, including in Victoria. His 1912 visit to Australia further fueled interest in scouting, leaving a lasting impact on Victoria's youth. Scouts Victoria's formal establishment is credited to local leaders embracing scouting principles. The first Scout Troop in Victoria registered in 1908, and the movement rapidly grew, resonating with the community through outdoor activities, teamwork, and character development. As an official branch of Scouts Australia, Scouts Victoria flourished under committed leaders, contributing to the broader scouting community. The organization expanded with Scout Groups forming in various Victoria communities. Lord Baden-Powell's legacy lives on in Scouts Victoria, inspiring generations of young Australians. His values remain at the core, fostering responsible and capable citizens. Today, Scouts Victoria stands as a testament to Baden-Powell's enduring vision and the dedicated individuals who brought his ideas to life in Australia.

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