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3 Day, 2 Night S.T.E.M Adventure

Gilwell Park, Scout Adventure Centre
Category School Camps

Our carefully crafted curriculum seamlessly integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into exhilarating outdoor experiences, ensuring an unforgettable educational journey for your students. Here’s how we make learning an adventure.


Embark on a journey of discovery as your students learn the art of orienteering. Equipped with maps, compasses, and critical thinking skills, they’ll explore the great outdoors while honing their geometry and spatial awareness. Engaging in hands-on challenges, students apply math to real-life situations, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and boosting confidence. 

Solar Powered Cars 

Witness the fusion of engineering and renewable energy as students design and construct their very own solar powered cars. Through hands-on building and experimentation, they’ll delve into the principles of physics, mechanics, and sustainable technology. As they race their creations, they’ll see first hand how scientific concepts translate into tangible results, igniting a passion for innovation. 

Radio Communications 

Communication is key, and what better way to teach this than through radio technology? Students will explore the fascinating world of wireless communication, discovering how signals travel and mastering the basics of wave physics. Engaging in teamwork-oriented challenges, they’ll learn to convey messages efficiently, fostering collaboration and improving problem-solving skills. 

Bicycle Blenders 

Combine fitness, nutrition, and physics with our bicycle blenders! Students power blenders by pedalling, creating delicious and healthy treats while learning about energy conversion and kinetics. This interactive experience connects physical activity with scientific principles, encouraging a holistic understanding of how our bodies and the world around us function. 

Why Choose Our Outdoor S.T.E.M. Adventure? 

Hands-On Learning

Our programs transcend textbooks, immersing students in real-world applications of S.T.E.M. concepts, fostering deeper understanding and enthusiasm. 

Experienced Instructors

Our dedicated team of educators and outdoor experts ensure a safe and engaging environment, guiding students through each activity with expertise and enthusiasm. Team Building: Collaborative challenges promote teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, fostering essential life skills while reinforcing S.T.E.M. learning. 

Inspiring Curiosity

The blend of adventure and education sparks curiosity, encouraging students to ask questions, explore, and see the world through the lens of science. Memorable Experiences: Students create lasting memories as they conquer outdoor challenges while simultaneously mastering S.T.E.M. principles.


  • 2 nights accommodation 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner 
  • Action packed activities program
  • S.T.E.M activities 
  • Evening entertainment program 
  • Customer Experience Support Leader
  • Travel to and from the camp
  • Travel for any agreed offsite activities
  • Morning and/or Afternoon Tea

Sample Itinerary

Arrival & Welcome Lunch

Groups arrive during the late morning so they can receive a quick tour of the camp before enjoying their packed lunch in our beautiful bushland setting. 

1st Activity

The group splits down into activity lines for the first time and heads out into the park for their first activity rotation. We like to ensure there is something for everyone so it will usually be a land based adventure activity rotating with a vertical element. 

2nd Activity

After 1.5 hours of fun filled action the groups will rotate to partake in their other activities. If you have elected for a morning or afternoon tea it will be available during the activity changeover. 


After an eventful day settling into camp and having a first experience of the activities it will be time for some much needed sustenance. Your Experience Leader will take you through our Dining Facility and ensure everyone in the group has had something to eat so they have enough energy for the rest of the days events. 

Evening Entertainment

Our customer experience leaders will deliver an evening of fun from campfires whilst singing songs to wacky games and challenges. 


After a fun first day and a good nights sleep its time to ensure the group is fuelled ready to go for an action packed day. 

S.T.E.M Activities

A morning spent exploring the different activities in our S.T.E.M program; from solar powered cars to radio communications. 


Time to stop for a lunchbreak with some freshly prepared salads, wraps and rolls. There will be a little bit of free time available so the group can share their experience so far and have some time to explore being around nature. 

Afternoon Activities

Arriving back to the adventure on full stomachs from lunch, the adventure continues. 


As the day starts to feel as it is coming to a close it will be time for a delicious meal prepared by our team of caterers. 

Evening Entertainment

Just when you were starting to think we couldn't squeeze anything more into the day and we head back out for more fun entertainment prepared by our group experience leaders. 


After a fun first day and a good nights sleep its time to ensure the group is fuelled ready to go for an action packed day. 

Morning Activities

The final day of adventurous activities

Lunch & Departure

Its the final camp meal and the fresh salads, wraps and rolls are back to ensure a healthy refuel before jumping back on the coach and heading home. Bodies will be aching, and eyes will be tired but memories of adventure in the wilderness will forever be remembered. 


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Max Guests 120
Recommended Age Secondary School